Scooters have become one of the most popular forms of low-cost transportation in the world, ranging from 50cc to 800cc twin cylinder and electric scooter models. If you are searching for scooters to suit your lifestyle we have compiled a directory of scooters manufactures globally.


Adly Scooters
A Taiwanese scooter manufacturer developing low noise, low pollution 4-stroke engines.Her Chee (Adly) has initiated re-search and development of electric motor-cycles, their first high performance pollution-free electric scooter is expected to debut for mass-production by 2002. Country: Taiwan
Aprilia Scooters
Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company owned by Piaggio, the world's fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer. The Aprilia scooter range has been expanded with a wide range of engines from 50 to 500 cc. Their Shiver 750 is the first production bike in the world with a ride-by-wire electronic throttle, and the Mana 850, the first bike to boast a revolutionary, fully electronic automatic gearbox. Country: Italy
Benelli Scooters
Benelli was established in Pesaro, Italy in 1911 and is now part of motor Group Qianjiang, which is a corporation located in southeast China at Wenling. In 2009 Benelli released 9 scooter models to its range. Country: Italy

Beta Scooters
An Italian motorcycle manufacturer specialising in off-road motorcycles. Beta are best known for their popular trials bikes but have also released a range of scooters under their 'Street' brand. Beta's network runs direct sales operations in Italy, France, Germany and Benelux, and works through importers in the rest of the world. Country: Italy
Baotian Scooters
Baotian is a Chinese manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters with Baotian UKoperating since 2005 and has consistently topped the 50cc scooter sales chart. According to their website the Baotain is an excellent quality scooters and superb value for money with 9 models in their range to choose from. Country: China
CPI Scooters
Established in 1991 as a world-wide leader in the conception and the manufacture of scooters, CPI group production in Taiwan and in China surpasses 1,400,000 units of scooters and motorcycles yearly. CPI have 3 scooters in their range with 4cycle and 2cycle engines. Since 2003, all scooters and motorbikes going out of their factories meet this new emission standard of Euro 2. Country: Austria
Daelim Scooters
Established in 1962 Daelim produces over 300,000 vehicles a year with 9 scooters ranging from 50cc to 250cc. Daelim scooters and motorbikes are mainly found in Germany, Spain, England, France and Italy where they are popular. Country: South Korea
Derbi Scooters
Derbi was founded in 1922 as a little bicycle garage that quickly developed into a motorcycle manufacturer, emerging as the biggest in Spain. Derbi has been a leader in European markets for small capacity motorcycles and scooters and has 4 scooters in production ranging from 50cc to 250cc.
/ Country: Spain
Diamo Scooters
Diamo is a new scooter and motorbike manufacturer based in the USA with 3 scooters in production ranging from 50cc to 300cc. Country: USA
EagleCraft Scooters
EagleCraft manufactures and distributes scooters and accessories worldwide with 7 scooters in production. Country: USA
Fly Scooters
Flyscooters was founded in 2006 in American and specializes in distribution and marketing of street legal, gas-powered motor scooters assembled in China and Taiwan. With 11 models in production ranging from 50cc, 110cc and 150cc. Flyscooters is the fastest growing scooter company in America with a mission of providing reliable, fashionable and functional scooters. Country: USA
Garelli Scooters
Garelli was founded in 1919 and is a manufacturer of italian moped and motorcycles. Garelli currently have 6 scooter models in production ranging from 50cc to 150cc. Country: Italy
Honda Scooters
Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles with 4 scooter models in production. Country: Japan
Hyosung Scooters
Founded in 1978 Hyosung began producing Japanese Suzuki motorcycle designs under license for the South Korean market. In 1986, they established their own research and development center in Hamamatsu, Japan, and the next year, they began mass production of their own designs. Hyosung were the official motorcycle supplier for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. Hyosung have 5 scooters in production ranging from 50cc to 250cc. Country: South Korea
Italjet Scooters
Italjet are an Italian scooter and motorcycle manufactured with 2 models of scooters available, the 'Jack' and 'Dragster'. Country: Italy
Keenmotorbikes was established in 1999 with 3 models of scooters in production ranging from 50, 90, 110 and 150cc. Country: Taiwan
Kymco Scooters
KYMCO is a Taiwanese company that manufactures motor scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs for distribution throughout the world. Producing more than 480,000 vehicles per year KYMCO was chosen by BMW to provide them with the engines for their G450 X enduro bike. Country: Taiwan
Malaguti Scooters
Established in 1930, Malaguti offes a large line up of models from 50cc to 500cc scooters. Country: Italy
Mahindra Scooters
Mahindra is an Indian manufacturer of scooters with a range of scooter brands including the Kine, Flyte, Duro and Rodeo. Engine sizes range from 71cc to 125cc. Country: India
MBK Scooters
MBK is a French Scooter manufacturer established in 1923 under the name Motobecane and for many years was France's largest manufacturer of motorcycles. MBK currently has over 24 scooters to choose from, an extensive range of 50cc and 125cc models. Country: France
Modenas Scooters
Established in the early 1990s Modenas achieved its 1,000,000 unit production in 2007 with Greece being the largest importer of the Malaysian scooter. Modenas have over 27 scooters and moped in production, ranging from 50cc to 150cc. Country: Malaysia
Peugeot Scooters
Peugeot produced its first automobile in 1891 and is an iconic automotive brand being the second largest car maker in Europe. Peugeot scooters currently have 9 scooter models in production ranging from 50cc to the 500cc Satelis. Peugeot is projected to re-enter the electric scooter market in 2011 with the E-Vivacity. Country: France
Piaggio Scooters
Piaggio has 7 brands of scooters and motorcycles and is the fourth largest producer of scooters and motorcycles in the world, producing more than 600,000 vehicles annually. The Piaggo product range includes scooters, mopeds and motorcycles from 50 to 1,200cc under the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi and Scarabeo brands. Country: Italy
Qingqi Scooters
Qingqi is a Chinese manufacturer of small engine & electric scooters and one of the largest in the world. Originally founded in 1956 and is probably one of the best know moped brands in China. The scooter brand is also based in Pakistan trading under the same name. Qingqi have 10 new models ranging from 50cc to 500cc. Country: China
Keeway Scooters
Keeway are China���s largest motorcycle producer and manufactures more than 1,300,000 motorcycles and scooters per year. Keeway also own the Benelli brand. Keeway scooters have 8 scooter models ranging from 50cc to 125cc. Country: China
Qlink Scooters
Founded in 1988, QLink have branches in Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, Nigeria, Taiwan, and China. QLink have 8 scooter models ranging from 50cc to 400cc. Country: Taiwan
PGO Scooters
Established in 1964, PGO Scooters have 14 scooter models ranging from 50cc to the 220cc 'Hot Classic'. Country: Taiwan
Sachs Scooters
Established in 1895 Sachs is a German manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. In 2001 Sach was sold to a US company called SRAM. Sach has 13 models ranging from 50cc to 125cc including the unique styled 'Mad Ass' scooter. Country: Germany
Jmstar Scooters
Jmstar Scooters were founded in 2000 with the capability of producing 300k motorcycles per year. Jmstar have a large and extensive range of 50cc to 250cc scooters and a range of electric scooters. Country: China
Suzuki Scooters
Suzuki is a Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and ATV's. Suzuki is the 9th largest automobile manufacturer in the world and produces 6 scooters ranging from 650cc to 125cc. Country: Japan
SYM Scooters
SYM (Sanyang) was established in 1961 and produces 600,000 motorcycles per year, including a range of 16 scooters from 50cc to 600cc. Country: Taiwan
Tank Scooters
Tank engineers and markets high performance on-road motorcycles & scooters as well as recreational off-road motorcycles and ATV's. Based in America Tank has a range of 8 scooters including 50cc, 150cc and 250cc models. Country: USA
TGB Scooters
TGB is a Taiwanese manufacturer of scooters with a range or 12 scooter models including 50cc and 125cc. Country: Taiwan
TN'G Scooters
TN'G imports, assembles and distributes scooters in the USA and is the only brand whose scooters are assembled and tested in the United States before they are distributed to dealers. TN'G have 9 scooter models ranging from 50cc to 250cc. Country: USA
Tomos Scooters
Tomos is a Slovenian manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. Their range includes 9 models ranging from 50cc to 150cc. Country: Slovenia
TVS Scooters
TVS was founded in 1911 and won the Deming Prize in Quality in 2002. TVS have 4 scooter models in production. Country: India
Vectrix Scooters
Vectrix was founded in 1996 producting a 100% electric vehicle. The Vectrix has zero-emissions with a top speed of 68 MPH and acceleration of 0-50 in 6.8 seconds. Country: USA
Vento Scooters
Vento is a motorcycle and scooter manufacturer based in the USA. Originally founded in Mexico in 1996, Vento produce 3 scooter models including the 'Hot Rod' with its european retro styling. Country: USA
Vespa Scooters
The Vespa was the first true globally successful scooter, iconic in so many countries around the world. It was first manufactured in 1946 and Vespa currently have 8 scooter models ranging from 50cc to 278cc. Country: Italy
Yamaha Scooters
Established in 1955 Yamaha is a globally recognized brand producing motorcycles, scooters, ATV's and watercraft. Yamaha produce 7 scooter models in a range of designs and styles. Country: Japan
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